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Yay!  I am so glad you made it here!  Below is a little information on my company and our team.  Take a look and message me with any questions and when you are ready to sign up! 

Lindsay Ali

Work with Lindsay inside her network marketing busiess!

What is Pomifera?

Pomifera is a company offering skincare, hair and body care products.  They have excellent results with clinically trials to show how well these products are changing people lives because of how the work on the skin!

Who is Pomifera for?

Pomifera is for you if you are looking for 
  • Great Skincare with clinically proven results
  • Looking for a community of support and motivation towards similar goals in business
  • A part time or full time income to bring into your household
  • An avenue for you to reach others to help them with their skincare issues and or share the opportunity to build a business and help their family finacially


We have an amazing system set up to get your training started off right and strong.  It's all self paces and you can go as fast or slow as you want.  This is your business and you can choose how to run it!
Everything you need to get started with come to you in your welcome email.  
I will give you a step by step checklist of what you need to do to get started and where to do to do it.
We have our corporate leg team page that shares with you what to do in the GPS to Success and your first 30 days of posting 
to spark interest in your following.
It also explains our complete team system we have set up to help you recruit those interested in the products and/or the business opportunity.  This is also shown in the next section.

Bottom line here is we have a system that is simple to follow and allows the season pro or the rookie just starting out to be able to jump right in and now what to do, post, say and how to get sales and new teammates with the support of our team community page.
It really is the best way to build and I am so excited to bring this to you!  I can not wait to introduce you to the team.

Learn a little more about our community page below and then please message me so I can invite you to the page and you can take a look around and deicide if this is for you or not :) 


We work as a team!  
Our Team has a community that we all use in order to help recruit your customer prospects or your future teammates. 
The hardest part about sales on your own is when you do not have results yourself or clients with results yet.  
And, if you do have a big following this takes the weight off your plate so you can network and work with your team more as. 

Our system is simple!

  • You will get a welcome email from me with your first steps 
  • You will follow the on-boarding system provide in the email and the corporate team page
  • Start posting from our ready to go posts in the GPS to Success
  • When someone shows interest, ADD them to the community group through an invite
  • Once they accept the invite, TAG them in the posts that they will benefit from (If they struggle from rosacea, tag them in the posts with those success stories 
  • Allow them time to look around and ask questions.  You just follow up and see where they are in their thinking. 
  • AT ANY TIME WITH ALL PRODUCTS... add them in a 3 way chat with your upline.  This allows for less pressure for you to sale and your upline to answer any questions there may be from the prospect who is interested.  Do this in the beginning and as a seasoned pro.  No matter who  you are everyone needs third party validation.  Mentors of mine who make hundreds of thousands of dollars in their business still tag their uplines, because it works no matter who you are.  (this is my personal view on always using a chat with me, others in the company may promote only doing this during your first 30 days of learning.  I say use it always!) 
  • BONUS:  For my team I will be making a page like this with generic information and not links to anyones site.  This can be used as a tool for you to use with prospects to explain more about the business in addition to the community page.

The Products

We have more products but here are some popular ones that we love!

Your Next Step?

We have a simple comp plan that it simple to climb as you share with customers and and teammates to build your business.

Your Next Step?

Message me that you are ready to join the community, 
if you have not been added already, 
and check out all the testimonies from the 
products and from the business.


Click to sign up now and 
order your business box for only $99 
because you know you are feeling the pull to join 
and we will get you set up 
with all the training and your on-boarding system to success!
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